Product Advice & FAQs

We have divided this section into different categories in order to guide you to the correct question quickly. If you can't find what you are looking for please email your question to us, or call us on 01904 727503, one of our advisers will be pleased to assist you.  

Spare Parts and Accessories

Q: Where can I buy spare parts?
A: You can buy spare parts for our products online, click on "Product Support", select your product and you will see the option to "Buy Spare Parts". If the part you are looking for is not available please contact our technical helpline and a member of our team will try to source the item for you.

Q: How much will the postage & packing cost?
A: Postage and packing is free of charge. No additional charges will be added at the checkout.

Q: What payment options are available to pay for spare parts and accessories?
A: We accept payment by credit / debit card both online and on the telephone. 

Product Advice - 4 Stroke Petrol Garden Tools

Q: My lawnmower won't start - what can i do?
A: First step would be check the product support section on the website for a short video that will talk you through the best way to start your lawnmower. If you are still experiencing difficulties our team of technical experts are available 7 days a week to talk through the start up process and establish what the problem may be.

Q: When I try and pull the pull cord it seems jammed.
A:  If the Lawn mower has had the recommended 0.5l of SAE 30 Lawnmower oil added, this will be due to compression in the engines cylinder, engage the start stop bar and with a slow but continuous force pull the pull cord out. Alternatively remove the spark plug located on the front of the machine to relieve all compression, fit pull cord into the pull cord guide and then replace spark plug and HT cable.

Q: Which oil should I use?
A: We recommend SAE 30 lawnmower oil but any four stroke lawnmower/garden tool oil of the rating 10w30 is fine.

Q: My lawnmower is smoking, what should I do?
A: Ensure you have put the correct grade of oil in your lawnmower, ensure the mower has not been tipped for storage or cleaning purposes, then run the mower as normal in a stationary position until the smoke clears. Once clear, check oil level again, and top up if necessary. If you are seeing any form of thick black smoke, contact the helpline immediately.

Q: My lawnmower is cutting out.
A: Check that the air filter is clear, that the spark plug is connected properly to your HT cable and that the fuel cap has not been over tightened, this should be no more than finger and thumb tight.

Q: The revs on my lawnmower are low/ high, how can I adjust them?
A: Contact our technical helpline for guided instructions on how to adjust the revs of your machine.

Product Advice - 2 Stroke Petrol Garden Tools

Q: At what ratio do I mix the fuel/oil?
A: The mixture ratio is 40:1, 40 parts fuel, to 1 part “Two-stroke” oil.

Q: What type of oil should I use?
A: The correct oil to use in your 2-stroke machine is that of a 2-stroke specification, this can be found at most DIY stores or garden centres.

Q: What type of chain oil do I need for my chainsaw?
A: The oil required is a chainsaw lubrication oil, this helps to maintain the chain, keeps the chain and bar lubricated and helps to prevent overheating. It also ensures a clean cut.

Q: Is it possible to press the primer bulb too many times?
A: No, The primer bulb forces air out of the fuel pipes in the system in order to get a good supply of fuel to the engine.

Q: My machine won’t start,what should I do?
A: Have you checked and followed the start procedure correctly? There may be a chance that the machine has flooded. Simply remove the spark plug from the machine and leave in a dry place for 20-30 minutes. Replace and then re-attempt the start process.

Q: How do I dispense more trimming line from my grass trimmer head?
A: while accelerating the machine in a grassy area, simply lightly bump the nose of the machine on the ground, this will dispense more line.

Q: Can I leave the chainsaw running in between cutting as long as the chain brake is engaged?
A: We suggest that when the chainsaw is not being handled, even for short periods of time, it should be switched off, this is for safety reasons and to stop the machine overheating.